Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pop it like its hot

Popping Up Your Collar -

I'm not sure why one would turn to the Wall Street Journal for sartorial advice, but that's where S.G. of Philadelphia went for guidance on whether or not to pop a collar.

He claims that women he knows "say that it looks more stylish that way".

S.G., I'm pretty sure they're just messing with you.  They are not your friends.

Also, this advice?  Wrong.  Just wrong:
So guys, there's nothing foppish about turning up the collar on leather jackets, coats and some shirts. Check yourself out in the mirror from all angles to experiment with ways to pop up that collar ever so slightly, so that it looks stylish and not too studied.
Because it doesn't address the fact that in addition to looking stylish and unstudied, you will also look like a massive douche.

via Jezebel

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