Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've gotta make these little adjustments

One week from today the fandom will be at SQUEECON-1 for the Supernatural season 8 premiere.

I still haven't adjusted to the move from Friday to Wednesday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweetie, let's just have some bolly and a bitch through Vogue

Wendy Felton at glossed over undertook the formidable task of reading Vogue's September issue cover-to-cover in one go for her sixth annual Vogue live blog.  It's well worth a read and far more delightful, charming, and entertaining than the magazine issue itself.

It is in this spirit that it seemed an opportune time to recycle revisit my own sizing up of the 2009 September behemoth:

Girl, you better werq!  Fashion Week (originally posted September 11, 2009)

I cancelled my Vogue subscription a while ago, but they keep sending me magazines.  I recently received the September issue, and while thinner than last year's, it's still not something you want to drop on anything wee or delicate.  Let's take a look at the issue, and how it measures up to various things in my apartment ...

It's   definitely smaller than a 14 oz. box of Cheerios.  Also, it will not help you lower your cholesterol.

Advantage: Cheerios

It takes 2 seasons of Supernatural on DVD to stack up to the September Vogue; however, Jensen Ackles may be prettier than Charlize Theron.

Advantage: Supernatural

You need almost three copies of Frank Herbert's Dune series to equal one Vogue.    You might think Vogue has the edge here, but I'll actually read the Dune books more than once.

Advantage: Dune   

Vogue is almost as large as the cast iron ebelskiever pan, and certainly as heavy.  But if you pour batter onto Vogue and place it on a gas stove, all you will succeed in doing is burning the kitchen down.

Sadly, while Vogue may offer 584 stylish steals and smart splurges, it will not offer me delicious pancake balls.

Advantage: ebelskiever pan

Sorry Vogue.   Better luck next year.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Spam Musubi Push up Pop

I tried spam musubi during the great Real LOST Experience of aught'09.  Seemed like the thing to do.  All the other Island delicacies I'd sampled had been quite tasty.  To put it politely, I found spam musubi to be an acquired taste.

To put it bluntly, that shite is naaaaasty.  So I don't know what perverse impulse led JustJenn to create these ...

This is not the delicious orange sherbert
you are looking for

Trust me, the delivery system is not going to improve this wad of ham, seaweed, and rice in any way.

JustJenn's spam musubi push up pops via Laughing Squid

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ooh, shiny! A million pieces of light

This has been sitting in the drafts queue for months, but given wax|wendy's mission statement, it's a post that's timeless ... and whose time has come.

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things from Etsy on Vimeo.

Via The Mary Sue

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Little Kaiser

I've posted about artist Mari Kasurinen's fantastic sculptures in the past, and we can now add another entry to my ERMAHGERD MUST HAVE list.  Behold!  The Kaiser!

I imagine Mr. Lagerfeld approves.  Tip o'the hat to Rich!

"I am the king and you are riding in a carriage of regret."credit: Jacques Brinon/AP and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
Previously on wax|wendy: My little pony, my little pony

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sam was going to ask her to marry him

Doctor Who fans have one, and so do Trekkies, now Supernatural fans have a way to say "ours is an erotically co-dependent love that burns hotter than a young mother on the ceiling of her son’s nursery".


From the Gunslinger collection by Tasha Rae Jewelry (as featured today on, get 'em while they're hot).   This piece is a repurposed Winchester .38 Special bullet casing with a sterling silver back and band, and Swarovski crystal center.

According to the artist's web site, rings are also available in other bullet casings styles.  So I guess if you really wanted to show your devotion to both your beloved and your fiancee, you could request a .45 ACP (for Dean's Colt M1911A1) or 9x19 MM (for Sam's Taurus Model 92).

Former executive producer and show runner Sera Gamble once said she would know the show had achieved cult status when people started getting SPN tattoos.  Now I think the next step is someone proposing at a con - and having Misha officiate on the spot.