Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eye of the Tiger, Baby

Supernatural is back with new episodes tomorrow night.  Whee!

And not a moment too soon.  Teddy was at the end of his rope.  

io9 has some tidbits about upcoming episodes from an interview with Sera Gamble:
There's an episode coming up that opens with the angel Castiel's point of view.  [Can.  Not.  Wait!!]  And we'll see more and more that it's hard for angels to walk amongst mortals and not feel kind of... involved. Also, she promises "We'll be laying out the specific reasons Dean was chosen. [Also, Can.  Not.  Wait.]   Stay tuned." Also coming up: some stuff that will help you understand the dynamic between Sam and Ruby.
Dean is also very pleased to be back.

The chord change on the leg guitar just kills me every time.

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