Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Archibaldo rules. That is all.

mental_floss Blog The Stories Behind 20 Muppet Favorites

Grover. Everyone’s favorite “cute, furry little monster” made his TV debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967. At the time, he was known as “Gleep” and was a monster in Santa’s Workshop. He then appeared on the first season of Sesame Street, but sported green fur and a reddish-orange nose. He didn’t have a name then, but by the second season he transformed into the Grover we know today, more or less – electric blue fur and a pink nose. The original green Grover was reincarnated as Grover’s Mommy for a few episodes. In Latin America and Puerto Rico Grover is known as Archibaldo, in Spain he is Coco, in Portugal he is Gualter and in Norway he is Gunnar.

In my house, he is simply the awesome.

Presumably, this is from the same episode. That kid up on the fire escape is working. it. out.

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David said...

Dang, Stevie Wonder is so much hotter than Lenny Kravitz! And where is the kid up on the fire escape today? I hope he worked. it. out.

Whit said...

I know! After his mid-tempo stuff in the 80's you forget that Stevie is funktastic.

I kind of wonder where all those Sesame Street kids are now. And watching them now, its interesting how engaged they are by the Muppets. They really interact with them like they're people.

I am of course totes jellus of the ones that got to hang with Grover.