Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inspiration, one clip at a time. That's the Chicago way.

Extra special bonus points if you can name all the movies.

A few things this clip brings to mind:

Picard rocks.

Charlie Chaplin had a speaking voice?

Colin Farrell and Brad Pitt make me cringe with their terrible, terrible acting every time I watch it.

After seeing 300, I understand when people say that violent images lead to violent actions. Because that movie seriously made me want to kill somebody.

Galaxy Quest is a great and highly underrated movie.

I am Sparticus

My favorite bits are from Henry V and Pulp Fiction. We few, we happy motherfucking few.

via The Watcher

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gmac said...

oh and let's not forget to include both orlando bloom and kiera knightly on the list of embarrassingly BAD actors (kiera is the new winona - both are dreadfully BAD).
The juxtaposition of complete CRAP and awesomeness is jarring to say the least!