Thursday, December 18, 2008

I don't wear my hair for you

Jezebel has been reporting on recent "news" articles decrying the pixie cut trend because, according to the authors, it makes you less attractive to the mens, and you'll never get the sex with short hair, and blahblahblah, you know what?  FUCK YOU.  

Because I rock this look.  

In other news, welcome readers (okay, reader) from New Zealand!!!!  I was delighted to read your comment this morning Ms. Constantine.  A response and follow up will be forthcoming.


Catherine said...

Heck yeah you do! If I could rock the pixie cut, I would. Unfortunately, my head is not an ideal shape, and my bangs don't behave.

So I say WORK IT. I'm totes jelly.


Whit said...

You are totes the bomb, Miss B!

Ms Constantine said...

:D Look at me getting a shout out!

Don't you love how "news" articles assume that all women are as vapid as they like to portray and that everything we do is in order to find a mate, get married, and have babies?!
It's 2008 and they STILL haven't figured it out. How much more obvious can we make it that we don't give a shit!

Apocalypstick said...

Any man who won't have sex with you because you have short hair is not a man you want to have sex with anyway. Anyway, your hair is ADORABLE.

daddylikeyblog said...

I've been jealous of your fierce pixie cut since the day we met.

Whit said...

I heart you guys!