Monday, December 15, 2008

Demonic Short Pants

Supernatural is also sleepy night nights until January (KILLING ME!), but there are a few morsels to tide us over.  io9 has the deets on the first 4 stand-alone epis:

The brothers investigate a haunted house. Then they meet a trio of aging magicians (including one played by Barry Bostwick. [Can we have a "Dammit, Janet" joke, please??]) They investigate a ghost at their high school and we see flashbacks to the brothers, aged 14 and 18. And then a dangerous siren enthralls the boys and makes them turn on each other, allowing them to say some stuff they've been bottling up all season [Squeeee! Brotherly angst and fisticuffs!]. And in the longer run, Ruby pushes Sam to uses his supernatural powers, and Dean learns what the angels want from him. And it's not a good thing.
Hey, as long as Castiel is back on my teevee at the new year, I say its a very good thing.

Mo Ryan is on the Supernatural bandwagon big time this season, and has a teaser compilation from the first three epis up at the Watcher.

Wow.  My tv boyfriend Jensen Ackles in gym teacher shorts.  My eyes?

I'm going to try not to condemn the episode before I've even seen it, but I'm not feeling confident about After School Special.  Dean pegs a kid with the dodgeball?  Really new writers, really?  Did you not get the memo from Kripke that Dean isn't a dick?  No?  Well, here's what Dean and I have to say about that.


gmac said...

I bet they had fun dressing like that - although weren't sweat bands more of an early 80s thing rather than a late 80s (which is when they would have been that age?) It's like the writers put them one decade earlier than they should be. They need basketball shorts and OP t-shirts, am I wrong about this?

Whit said...

I think the writers are just trying to find as many situations as possible to dress Dean in ridiculous outfits. Or it could have been a Jensen decision. He's already wearing the absurd gym teacher shorts and knee socks. Why not just go all the way?