Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hidden hurt, or count your blessings

I spent 90 minutes today trying to make a doctor's appointment. I have a lady doctor, but it's been at least 5 years since I've had a regular GP. I was hoping to find someone close to home. My boss recommended his doctor's practice, but they're *whine* all the way in Capitol Hill. I don't want to go to Capitol Hill when I'm sick *end whine*.

Unfortunately, Georgetown isn't taking new patients. None of the other university hospitals are either. Or they don't take my insurance. Or I couldn't get an appointment before May. I found one doctor who could see me in February, but on reflection, the requirement to send her a check for 25 bucks to hold my appointment seemed a little sketchy.

30 seconds after bitching about my no-good-very-bad situation on Facebook, the wondrous Kate came to my rescue. 10 minutes later I had a new doctor who could see me on January 5, and is 2 blocks from work. She's in the medical district. Its one street over from the hammock district.

In addition to my lady doctor, I'm also established with a dentist, an optometrist, and a dermatologist. Who are all 2 blocks from work. And I have insurance to pay for them. And a job that provides me with generous medical leave and a boss who doesn't begrudge me popping out for a few hours in the middle of the work day.

All of which is to remind myself that I am extrodinarily lucky, and had no business bitching. Because it could be a whole lot worse.

credit: Michael Williamson - The Washington Post (all)


Ms Constantine said...

Really?!? That situation sounds so dire! I'm a bit surprised if I ring my doctor in town in the morning and can't get an appointment for the next day at the latest. Usually if I ring in the morning I can get an appointment in the afternoon.

But then I live in New Zealand, there are constant news stories about a lack of doctors but it sounds like we are doing well compared.

What do you do if you're really sick?

Kate said...

Glad I could be of help, Miss Whitney :)