Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Find out what happens when people stop being polite

True confession time. I once applied to be on MTV's The Real World.

I know, right?

To be fair, it was almost 15 years ago when they were casting for Season 3 in San Francisco. Somewhere, in a box in my parents' basement, is a politely worded letter of rejection from MTV explaining that I just wasn't quite what they were looking for.   

Oh, come on!  I totes could have been the naive blond girl who cried a lot and had difficulty being confrontational and felt out of place most of the time.

Whatever.  They went with this naive blond girl who cried a lot instead.

I was reminded of this bit of personal trivia after catching a promo clip for the upcoming season at Best Week Ever

Huh. So I guess if my 22 year old self was applying now, I would be rejected on the grounds that I'm not suffering from PTSD, have a borderline personality disorder, and/or anger management issues. 

Well, not that any of you know about at least.

I'm mildly intrigued.  Not enough to, you know, actually get cable.   But what I'm most fascinated by is the show's longevity and influence on the reality genre.  Bunim-Murray kind of invented it.  At the very least, The Real World provided a proof of concept.  And the kids who are cast now have grown up with it.  When I applied, it was still new enough to seem like a grand adventure.  A lark before I got on with the business of being a grown up.  Now, being on a reality show is practically a viable career option.

Hellannoying Beth S. from Season 2, I'm looking at you.

So good luck Season 21 fresh meat.  We're rooting for you.  WE'RE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!!

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