Thursday, February 12, 2009

Castiel is the Angel of Thursday

Supernatural is on another mini-hiatus until March.  Tonight is a repeat of Yellow Fever ... which gave us the "Dean is a dick" debate, road hauling a ghost (*shudder*), and of course, Eye of the Tiger.

Also, this

While we wait for new epis, please enjoy Misha Collins as he answers  burning fan questions.

Put first, spoilers and speculation ...

From io9 (via EW): The Sam-Dean tension reaches a boiling point in the season finale, leading to a smackdown that makes last week's blowup look like a kindergarten tiff by comparison.

Squeeee!!! Can. Not. Wait. And I have a new theory.  Sam goes dark-side by the end of the season. Clearly. And then next season will be all about his redemption arc and Dean trying to save him. Again. Some more.  

But! BUT! 

I think Sam is Lucifer. 

Here's where the idle speculation comes in.  I think the whole idea of Lilith breaking the seals to release Lucifer is a metaphor. "Lucifer" isn't a being per se. He's a concept. Or he is an entity of some description, but he needs a vessel.  And once Sam embraces the dark side, its game over, man.  Game over.

You may now remove your tin foil caps.  Also, what's up with Sam's giant Pimp Hand of Ipecac (tm Area Woman) on the poster over MC's shoulder?

My favorite bit is when he expresses doubt that Supernatural fans are as avid (or, rabid) as people say.  Oh, Misha.  Silly, silly, sweet Misha.  

Believe, yo.  FACT.

And here's a fascinating fact about Misha Collins.  He was an intern during the Clinton administration.  So hey, Obama folks?  There's your template.  Let's get some more hot ass Democrats up in here, 'kay?  Thanks!

It sounds like we'll be seeing a good bit more of Castiel (yay!) when the current hiatus ends on March 5.  And he'll be around for Season 5 - as soon as they get the pick up.

In other CW genre news, Variety is reporting that the network has picked up a vampire pilot.

... from Alloy Entertainment ["Gossip Girl"] ... "Vampire Diaries" revolves around a young woman who's torn between two vampire brothers -- one good, one evil -- who are battling for her soul, and the souls of her pals, family and the small town where they live.

The CW has reunited with Kevin Williamson ["Dawson's Creek"] to exec produce and write. Julie Plec ("Kyle XY") is also on board to write and exec produce.

Well that sounds promising and fun.  So CW, do the right thing.  Renew Supernatural and pair it with this bit of fluff.  Keep Smallville or don't, who cares.  But seriously, take my advice.  Ratings Gold.

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