Friday, February 20, 2009

JDM is hot like FIYAH!

io9: Watchmen's Comedian Almost Perished In Flames

io9 has an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan about his role in the upcoming Watchmen movie.  Apparently things got a little dodgy with the flame thrower:
So finally the last time I did it, I held it on this guy, but in the mean time I'd done it so many times that the rice paddy had been covered with gasoline from shooting this thing. So I'm burning this guy up and I do it and I'm like, 'yeah you fucking bastard,' and I look down and there's flames coming at me, and it comes right up my leg and there's no one near me. I'm in the middle of a rice paddy. And I look up and I see Zack and his eyes are this big [makes big circles over his eyes] and all I can think is 'I can't ruin the costume.'"

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