Sunday, February 8, 2009

I don't wanna wait ... oops, wrong team drama

So, even though I've blogged about it before ... and I pretty much know all the characters and salient plots points ... I don't watch One Tree Hill.

I don't.

BUT. When one happens to be in Wilmington, NC anyway visiting dear friends, and the opportunity presents itself to take the EUE Screen Gems studio tour and see where the show is filmed .. well.   One goes.

Sadly, this was the only shot I could take on the tour, as the CW doesn't want fans giving anything away.

But we did get to see the high school set including Haley's classroom and the locker room (with poor dead Q's locker *sniff*), Brooke's house (which included a tutorial on product placement from our tour guide), Peyton's office and recording studio, and Nathan and Haley's house. As to the last one, seriously y'all. Nevermind the fact of what 22 year old couple with a 5 year old kid has a house with a pool (and a crazy stalker nanny), what 22 year old couple with a 5 year old kid has a house that nicely decorated? There wasn't a futon or stick of Ikea furniture to be seen. Way to help me suspend my disbelief, SHOW.

Not that I watch. Or have started watching again, so that I can say to myself, "Hey! I was there!"  Because that hasn't happened.

And when one is already in Wilmington, and has a friend who's willing to humour one, one might drive around to see the exterior locations.  Places such as:

Clothes over Bros, formerly Brooke's clothing boutique, before she was attacked and the store trashed, and she decided that maybe her mom, Victoria, had a hand in it and decided to hell with it and gave control of the company back to Mommy Dearest so she could raise a teenage runaway and learn valuable life lessons.

It appears to have also once been Karen's Cafe, the business run by Lucas' mom (toe pick!) before she married Andy the hot Kiwi college professor and had poor dead Keith's baby and they moved away and left the show because parents - when they're not evol Dan - just get in the way in these teen-ish dramas.

UPDATED TO ADD: One thing that we really, truly didn't do was knock on the door of "Peyton's House" and bother the nice family that lives there.

And then we cruised over to the Battleship North Carolina ... and the River Courts.  Scene of many a brooding, dramatic moment where someone, usually Lucas or Nathan, learn an important life lesson.

And we may have also driven over to this warehouse where my friend Dan's ship has a storage space ... but more importantly, it's the exterior of Tric, the all ages nightclub that Karen and Peyton opened and out of which Peyton now runs her music label Red Bedroom Records.

This last picture has nothing to do with One Tree Hill, but it is a delicacy to which I do look forward when I'm in NC. Mmmm ... Cheerwine. Or, as my brother likes to call it, god's own sweat.


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