Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little slice of heaven

credit: zachstern via flickr

It only took a year, but I finally made it to Georgetown Cupcake.  If I could marry a bakery (as opposed to a baker, which is a whole other story) GC and I would be on the first flight to Vegas.

Oh yeah. I should probably take a picture for the blog.  There were more, but Tortiegirl and I ate them.

I'm not sure why - other than it's FRAKKING DELICIOUS - but the red velvet seems to have become the de rigeur flavor city-wide. It's even spawned an eponymous shop up in Gallery Place.  My other favorite that night was the toasted marshmallow - airy, moist devil's food cake with a fluff of 7 minute frosting.  Just like my mom makes for my birthday!  Although apparently this was a January only flavor.  Tragedy!

Tortiegirl and I made the fatal error of making a return trip on Valentine's Day.  We stood in line for 20 minutes only to discover that they were totally out of anything we wanted.  So we were forced to waive off.  V.V. disappointing.

And that's the thing about Georgetown Cupcakes - there is always a line, the space is miniscule, and you don't know what they have (or what they're out of) until you make your way in the door.  Fortunately, the silly-expensive cakes are well worth the wait.  Unlike some establishments I could mention.

 *cough* LoveCafe *cough*

Seriously, wait 15 minutes before eating?  Its a CUP. CAKE.  Pretty much the definition of instant gratification.  

And even if you do wait 15 minutes, you're rewarded with a cake that's dry and dense, and frosting that is reminiscent of biting into a stick of lightly sweetened butter.  

All hat.  No cowboy.

We're in the midst of a cupcakesplosion, although I guess DC is a little behind power curve.   They're already over it in NYC.  They've gone back to donuts.

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Apocalypstick said...

I am right there with you on CakeLove. They should call them selves CakeMeh.