Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 2/14

I feel like they've been teasing us with this forever, but according to Variety (via io9) its official. We're getting a third Riddick movie.

As I've said before, line forms behind me.

Andrew Dansby considers The Allman Brothers Band (Album Odyssey Part 18), and the judicious application of 45 minute jams.

I don't need to pay my student loan this month, right?  Sallie Mae will understand that I needed this Castiel Pony instead.

So many ponies ...

Although I might need this more.  I do love a spinner ring.

Gear ring by Kinekt Design via Neatorama

This Machine Kills Apathy |

Happy valentines day. May your angel bring you pie.

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NoShowMo said...

NEED. NEED that ring.