Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The game's out there, and it's play or get played. That simple.

New Orleans is getting the David "The Wire" Simon treatment.  That being said:
Simon cautions that Treme will not be The Wire: New Orleans. Its seasons will not be loosely divided by subject, and the show will provide a smaller, more intimate focus on people picking up the pieces without much help. Simon went to one of the first post-Katrina second-line parades, and witnessed unbridled resiliency and a longing for home; many attendees drove in for the day from wherever they sought refuge from the storm. “The band started up and people were crying. It was like they realized, ‘Oh shit, this is what I’ve been away from,’“ he says. “They had come to do a four-hour second line, and then they got back in their cars to drive back to Baton Rouge or Atlanta or Houston.”
The chronological series will explore life in New Orleans starting three months after Katrina devastated the city.   Treme is named after, but not based in, the city’s most historically significant and musically influential neighborhood.  Through the eyes of the people that live within its signature milieu of parades, jazz funerals, brass bands, Mardi Gras Indian tribes, bars and restaurants, the show will trace the city’s collective efforts to get back on its feet. “You’re going to watch the city being rebuilt, or not being rebuilt, year by year,” Simon says. “The whole thing is thematic to what New Orleans is, to what it represents in the American psyche. It’s an affirmation of why cities matter.”

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