Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Monday morning moment of #LOST!

36 hours! 36 hours!

It's been a long brutal hiatus, and it's easy to get ... well, you know.  Fortunately, Therese at Tubular has compiled all of the significant episodes and moments from Seasons 1 - 5 in the LOST Rewatch Lite.

And if you still have questions, she has answers.  Who's Christian?

Would a visual aid help explain things?   John Cabrera is the awesome.

Maybe a nice interactive chart to help keep track of all the characters off-island connections?

scordit via io9

UPDATED! The Sydney Airport scenes get the 24 real time treatment. Tip o'the hat to Melanie!

Fantastic LOST bunny poster above by Ty Mattson.  Check out his site Mattson | Creative for more designs.  Here's hoping he slaps a few of them on t shirts.

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