Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Onward to Adventure! NYC with Mom

Mom retired on Friday (YAY!) and to celebrate, we hit the city.

First, the train ...

... and then some more trains. Escalators and baggage friendly turnstiles. That's all I'm saying New York.  All I'm saying.

After we settled into our hotel - big ups to the Helmsley Middletowne for the free suite upgrade, btw, we struck off for Central Park.

Where we decided to flaunt the local rules and regs

Afterwards we went in search of dinner.  In general, it's a bad idea to make a choice based purely on the fact that they have air con and you're too hot to walk any further, but we got lucky.

We ended up at Opal on 2nd Avenue.  It's a locals place with a nice afterwork crowd.  The DJ seemed a bit much for a Tuesday evening, but the duck spring rolls were well worth the price of admission.

There is no picture of the duck spring rolls because I was too busy eating them.  I eated them all up.  They were guuuud.

Tomorrow - NBC Studios, Rockefeller Center, and the real purpose of our trip ...


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