Friday, April 3, 2009

Passings: RIP Guiding Light 1937 - 2009

After 72 years, Guiding Light is switching off | Television | - Houston Chronicle

When the news broke on Wednesday, it gave me hope it was just a horrible, horrible April Fool's joke. But no. It's true.  Venerable soap Guiding Light has been cancelled.

I don't think I'm being overly dramatic to say this show is like a part of my family. My mom grew up watching it with her mom. I grew up watching it with her. My brother has even admitted watching it with his daughter when she was home sick. I haven't been a serious watcher since high school, but I check in from time to time, on those occasions when I'm home during the day. And it is seriously the same actors and same stories. But there's something comforting in that sameness, and the continuity of 70+ years of accumulated story telling.

The last episode will air September 18, and they better make the most of the next few months. Just go crazy. Or as crazy as you can go when you've already had kidnappings, faked pregnancies, faked paternities, faked deaths, evil twins, amnesia, comas, maroonings, cross dressing serial killers, cloning, secret families, rock stardom, mind control, and carnies.

Now, every soap has their signature diva. Marlena = Days. Erica = AMC. Mrs. Chancellor = Y&R. The grand dame of GL is undoubtedly Charita Bauer, who played Bauer family matriarch Bert for 35 years. 

But if you want diva, then you want Kim "Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Spaulding Lewis Winslow Cooper Lewis Lewis O'Neill" Zimmer.

And of course, the all time ALL TIME classic Reva moment is 1984's "Slut of Springfield" scene.

Farewell, gentle soap. You will be missed.