Sunday, October 11, 2009

I review it : Zombieland

Saw it last weekend and LOVED this movie! It's a sneaky little film. It's really a very sweet coming of age tale disguised as a zombie flick. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's also very funny and suspensful and surprising. Woody Harrelson is hilarious and I totally want to have a sleep over with Abigail Breslin and braid her hair.

According to io9, since Zombieland started out as a treatment for a TV series, we have at least 12 sequels to look forward to. Bring it!

I mean, I have to love any movie that takes such pains to reinforce one of my rules. Always put 2 in the head. Always.

Only way to be sure.

I give it 4 sawed offs.

Funny, Michael Cera finally signs on to the Arrested Development movie just as Jesse Eisenberg's star is ascending. Because you know that kid was totally waiting for the call, ready to take his place as his generation's Dick Sargent.

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Apocalypstick said...

For the clown parts alone, I think we must force Ms. Barker to see this movie.