Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween : FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

Well sure. Spare time + basic engineering skills = CANON!!

The cannon is mostly used on weekends to attract people to Gill’s Farm Market on Route 209 in Hurley, but sometimes the guys get together at the 1,500-acre farm and blast it when nobody’s around. Just for fun.

They’ve shot pumpkins, scuba tanks and a basketball filled with corn and foam insulation. They once scattered some geese by accidentally shooting into the flock. Then there’s the time they shot a bowling ball more than a mile.

“The first time we shot a bowling ball, that’s was probably the worst thing we ever did,” Arold says. “It kept going and going and going.” -- via

How did I not know that the World Championship Punkin Chunkin is right in my back yard? I am so going to Delaware next weekend ... Wait! What am I saying? I'm going to Hawaii next weekend! Good thing I remembered.

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