Monday, September 7, 2009

Guide to 2009 Fall TV: @TubularTV has you covered

It's Labor Day, friends. While summer may be drawing to a close, the TV networks* are preparing to offer up their fall slate of programming.

Welcoming a new show into your personal lineup can be a big commitment.  Fortunately, Therese at Tubular has prepared a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your options.

I'm completely in the bag for V - nostalgia, Juliet from Lost, and Inara from Firefly - and Flash Forward - this season's hoped for Lost redux.

I'm also going to give Glee a try after catching the repeat of the pilot this weekend.  However, you're on notice Fox.  Pop up Video called.  They want their concept back.  Knock it off with the onscreen Twitter feed.  It's annoying and distracting and Glee is so much better than that.  How about you just let a show stand on its own for once and breath a little?  Hmm?  Sweetie?

I'm perplexed by the existence of two new medical dramas on NBC - Mercy and Trauma.  I enjoyed those shows the first time they aired, when they were called ER and First Watch.  

Do be sure to join me over at Tubular once the season gets into full swing.  I'll be recapping Supernatural and Dollhouse again, as well as The Vampire Diaries.  Sparkle Boone!

Choose well grasshoppers ...

* Sorry international readers, you're on your own.  Stay alive!  TV will find you!

photo credit (above): Flickr (A3R) angelrravelor (A3R)

And you know this scene never, ever gets old.  This is half of the reason I'm even watching the new V.  OMG!  TWINS!

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Ms Constantine said...

Don't you worry about us international readers. The more dedicated (obsessed) among us know we only have to wait a couple of hours till we can see your shows online. :D

So looking forward to all the shows starting back next week! And the final of True Blood.