Friday, September 18, 2009

All good things must come to an end: Guiding Light

Today is the day ... Guiding Light airs its final episode after a 72 year run. le sigh. Slide on over to Tubular, and my write up on the Paley Center's panel, We'll Always Have Springfield.

credit: The Paley Center

The Paley Center also has two clips up at their site from the evening. Two words: Reginald and Stevie. That's all I'm saying. Check 'em out.

I just can't say this enough:
I cannot say enough good things about the actors. They stayed for nearly two hours, and were to a one, unflagging in their energy and unfailing in their kindness. They gave each fan their full attention, allowed as much time as needed, signed autographs, and smiled for a million photos. And you have to understand what the scene was like - it was a full on rugby scrum. Grant Aleksander was literally backed into a corner, people 3 and 4 deep around him, but he had a smile and hug for everybody (two for my Mom, much to her delight). My mom, who is a wee little thing, had moments of being overwhelmed by the crowd, and we could at least escape when we needed to. Get some air, grab a drink at the bar or one of the delightful tuna h'orderves that were circling around. They couldn't. Nonetheless, every single actor who was there was incredibly gracious and generous with their time. So for my mom - who got autographs from, and a moment with, everybody - thank you. Thank you to the Paley Center, Ellen Wheeler, Jill, Grant, Bradley, Elizabeth, Michael, Kim, Ellen Dolan, Tina, Maeve, Kurt, Gina, Orlagh, and Frank. As James Lipton would say - it was a delight.

Philip Spaulding is my new dad

Every fan for herself!

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