Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 - #Supernatural panel

Have you ever wondered how Tatooine must feel, what with the two suns and all? Yeah, I imagine its something like this.

Don't really know how the planet feels about the cow though ...

My recap and full report from the Supernatural panel is up and live over at Tubular.  It's just like being there, only without the shortness of breath, fluttery stomach, and slight dizziness.

Did I mention that Misha waved to me?

The Smallville panel preceded Show,  and was actually really enjoyable, made even more so when a surprise guest came out on stage and took a place at the table.  Ladies and gentleman ...

John effing Schneider.

I have mad love for Bo Duke, and he was a delightful and funny addition to an already energized room.  The absolute highlight though was when he propped his drivers license up in front of him as an impromtu name tent.  The camera zoomed in on it, and he made a comment about "that's my super hero hair cut."

Executive producer Brian Peterson replied, "that's your address."  John quickly returned his license to his wallet, and said, "well, I guess I'll see you all for dinner."

Why yes, I am a national treasure, thank you for asking.

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