Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 1/10

Christmas is well past, but it will probably take me all year to make this. The greatest tree topper of ALL TIME full stop.  He knows if you've been bad or good, so DON'T BLINK for goodness sake!

Tardis_Tara, you are teh awesome, with a tip o'the hat to @bonniegrrl.

Still feeling crafty?  Want to tackle another Doctor Who project?   Dune_drd shows you how to make your own Ood snowglobe.

Are you in the market for new linens?  Have your dogs recently digested your high thread count sheets? Well, there's an app for that.

"Enough with the cheese.  Enough!  Stupid effing fishcakes.  I can't control the kittens.  Too many whiskers!   Too many whiskers!"

"Um" is never the answer.

Bless Google for preserving a mod'ren classic for the ages.  Bat Boy Lives!

You know what makes everything better?  Unicorns.

These are the kicks you've been looking for.

What are you kidding me?  How can you not have original artwork all over your house?  Look at dis one.  Look at dat one.

That last hour of flight doesn't have to be a misery of boredom, praying you can make it into the terminal before you wet yourself.  

Turn those lemons into 3 ounces or less of government approved lemonade that you must surrender to the flight attendant one hour prior to arrival with these  travel safe activities.

via Intelligent Travel

It's time for da Circulator!

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