Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Really? Already? Didn't this season of Lost just start?


Tonight is the season finale of Lost - and then they're on hiatus until January.  


Darlton are going to be hard pressed to top "We have to go BAAAAAAAACK!!" and moving the Island, but I have faith.  Which apparently JJ Abrams is counting on, since he pretty much confirmed that they are just making it up as they go along.  But you know, in a good way.  I mean, they didn't plan initially for Michael Emerson to stick around, and look how that's turned out.


My prediction for the finale? Jack and Sayid detonate Jughead over the energy pocket, creating a singularity ... and then a Romulan mining ship appears.

** LOST **

Do be sure to join Therese tomorrow for the Lost live chat.  Also, time is running out to enter Tubular's trivia challenge.  And you're gonna need some time to puzzle through yesterday's Mathlete approved noodler.

Spoilery clips below:

And a not at all spoilery clip - except maybe for Star Trek 

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