Tuesday, May 12, 2009

... each the other's world entire

The film adaptation of Cormack McCarthy's The Road may finally have a release date, and Esquire has the first review.  

Of any novel to movie translation, this one certainly had infinite potential to go very, very wrong.  The beauty of the book is in its language.  The language kept me going even when the story it was telling made me want to fling the book away and curl up in the fetal position.  It took me forever to get through it because I would read entire paragraphs over and over again.  The words were like a feast.  They had weight, and taste, and texture.

Fortunately, according to Esquire, the filmmakers got it very, very right.

If you've read the book, you know what I mean.  If you haven't, you may be unfamiliar with the story.  Here's the bullet:
"It is a love story," Esquires Tom Chiarella explains, "But to be clear, it's a love story about a father and a son hauling ass to keep from being eaten by small bands of flannel-shirted cannibals."
I think I'll plan to see it in Georgetown during the day - a sunny day - so I can go down to park afterwards and lay in the grass by the river and try and repair my soul.  If anyone has a puppy, kitteh, or fluffy baby chick I can borrow, that would be great.

review via io9

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