Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here are some highlights: the good wife must never introduce new fashions. When she walks down the street, she must keep her “head upright, eyes downcast and immobile.” Only bad wives “go with open eyes, head appallingly lifted like a lion, their hair in disarray spilling from their coifs, and the collars of their shifts and robes in a muddle one over the other.” When choosing a horse, the good wife should make sure that it is not “wounded in the withers.” If she embraces falconry, and her sparrow hawk becomes caught in birdlime, she must carefully free each feather with fingers dipped in milk. She must awake each day at Matins, say a prayer, then go back to sleep; she should never question her husband’s decisions, because “it rests on him alone to know all.”

Wife ala Mode: The New Yorker via Jezebel

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