Friday, April 10, 2009

This tastes like burning

Not content just to be a ubiquitous Easter treat, Peeps can now be enjoyed in lip balm form.

It starts out innocently, as you apply smoothly and evenly to the lips.  And then your nose is assaulted with the overpoweringly sticky sweet scent of vanilla.  But wait.  It gets worse.  Oh so much worse ...

Because you make the mistake of pursing your lips together and OH SWEET GODS MAKE IT STOP.  It actually tastes exactly like a slightly stale Peep, and not in a good way.  Then you realize it's a little gritty, like there's a Peep in every application.  You hold your mouth slightly open, maybe you're drooling a little bit by now, as you rush for a tissue, napkin, sand paper, anything to get the horrible goo off your lips.  But the taste lingers ... oh, how it lingers.

NOT TO BE EATEN! I cannot stress that strongly enough.

Tip o'the hat to my fabulous friend Amy for the Peep balm hook up!

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Jennifer Worick said...

You can guess how I feel about this at Effing Peeps.