Friday, April 17, 2009

British Friday - Why yes, I am going to the chinema tonight edition

Why do you ask?

Crank? More like crack. I am inexplicably excited for this movie. And! AND! It features the Bai Ling! Who had this to say about that little something special that she brings to the filum:
All these weird things come to my mind. Everything I say is like strange - it doesn't make any sense to you, but in her character, when you hear her, it makes perfect sense.
Yeah! Sure, the Bai Ling! Whatever you say!

Um, except this.
Bai said she hopes she'll return to Lost at some point. "They told me it's like the pyramids. Every character, every element is planned. I love that show."

Yeah, no.  Just no.   Although her previous turn on Lost also featured the simply fabulous Diana Scarwid. Who's character has never been seen or spoken of again.  So I'll give you a pass, the Bai Ling, if you bring Diana with you.  And leave the tattoo needles at home.

io9 - Bai Ling Wrote Her Own Crank 2 Dialogue - Crank 2

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Apocalypstick said...

Yay, chinema! Eat some popchorn! You hater.