Thursday, March 12, 2009

Supernatural 4.15 "Death Takes a Holiday"

All new tonight!  Yay!

Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has all sorts of spoilery goodness!

First, a mess of clips from tonight's episode.

She also talks at length with writer and producer Sera Gamble about what we can expect for the second half of the season. 

On thing to look forward to - the March 26 alternate universe episode that sees Dean living the corporate life.  Suits, lattes, and *gasp* a sensible "energy-conscious set of wheels".

And!  AND!  The bestest news EVAH!
The angels’ plan for Dean will be revealed this season,” Gamble said. But don’t fear Castiel going away: The show has been renewed for a fifth year, and guest star [Misha] Collins has been upped to series-regular status for Season 5.

"Being wrapped up with what’s going on with Sam and Dean is really dangerous for an angel like Castiel", Gamble said. “He is getting to like Dean quite a bit. Dean is a terrible influence on an angel, I think, because everything about Dean’s way of looking at the world is antithetical to being an angel, which is all about obedience and following the party line and doing what you’re told without question.”
This news convinces me even more that Sam is going to somehow be linked to Lucifer (if he isn't actually the vessel).  
Could this conflict lead to a Winchester versus Winchester showdown before the season is over?

“As to where exactly Sam and Dean’s relationship is headed, I have to say, tune in and find out,” Gamble said. “But it’s true that their relationship has been fraying and has been different since Dean got out of hell. They spent that time apart. Sam was ... was suicidal. Dean was in hell. They were very changed. ... And a lot of this season has been about the ways in which they can’t connect anymore.”

"Their relationship is not as simple as it used to be," Gamble added. "When an audience member says, 'I've been watching it since Season 1 and I just really miss the way they used to be together,' so do Sam and Dean."
Just my speculation - but if Season 4 has been about the fraying of the brothers' relationship, Season 5 is going to be open warfare - between them, and their allies.  Fun!

Kripke has said that he's had the final scene of the final episode planned out in his head since day one.  Knowing him, we'll get a headstone that says, "Sam and Dean Winchester.  They saved the World.  A Lot".

So let me just get a preemptive DAMN YOU KRIPKE!!!! in now.

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