Monday, November 21, 2011

Drinkify: There's a cocktail for that

Tell the web app Drinkify what you're listening to, and it will pair your music with an appropriate adult beverage.  It does a pretty good job:

Old school, smooth, and under appreciated.

Tastes like a bari sax sounds.

I would have expected Drinkify to suggest an ice cold American beer, but I guess it checked my Klout score.

This one is a head scratcher.  Hennessy?  Sure.  Makes total sense.  Tabasco?  Okay.  Just like Otis, it starts off smooth and sophisticated and then the heat kicks in.  

But cough syrup?  

Drop a match into that and you've got a Flaming Moe.

I would have expected this drink to be paired with Jimi Hendrix.

I can't explain it, but fire made it good.

Drinkify via Laughing Squid


Mo said...

Let me stand next to your fire.

Flaming Mo

Whit said...

It's like a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!