Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Nerdgasm - What I'm fannish about right now

Things that are making me squee like the little fangirl I am ...

Need a way to pass the time until the Hellatus ends or the Apocalypse begins?  Try your hand at Supernopoly.

Created by Reveria, join Team Heaven, Team Hell, or side with the outnumbered Hunters in the ultimate battle.  

I am in awe at the level of detail and creativity, and the amount of work that clearly went into it.  I would pay cash money for this game.

Do you think it's because she's awesome?  I think it's because she's awesome.

How geeky does it make me that I can identify the characters by outline alone?  You know what?  Don't answer that question ...

I call dibs on Metallicar!

All images by Reveria.  Via @SuperWiki

This has been making the rounds of the intertubes the last 24 hours, but I am obligated by my membership in the Little Starbuck Urban Achievers to repost it. Via numerous sources, but the tip o'the hat goes to my friend Mark J. You can also find a side-by-side comparison vid here.

Laura Juliana Maria de Jesus Sanchez Garcia Ramos de Perez-Rosalina as "The HBIC"

This is just soil yourself well done.  Made by YouTube user xxxfancypantsxxx as part of an animation challenge on Via Neatorama

Later he brooded over his penne al arrabiata, knowing there was no other end to their story, and taking no comfort from it.

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