Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Artfully #LOST

When it isn't sparking debate, obsession and teeth gnashing, LOST is inspiring creativity.

Graphic designer Jared Stumpenforst has set himself the task of designing one new LOST themed illustration per day for the next year.  So far he's up to #44.

His work is inventive, playful, and elegant in its simplicity.

A limited number of prints are available and he's promising t-shirts to come.

His non-LOST work is also worth checking out at stumpyhorse.com.

The character pieces are especially strong.  You can feel the tension in this portrait of Jack, captured in the moment just before the crying starts.  Come on, it's Jack!  You know the big salty man tears are imminent.

LOST365 via io9

City Gonzales has a round up of 101 awesome LOST t-shirts.  Not all of them are available for sale, and of course, the one I most want is currently only a concept design.  I haz a sad.

via Tubular

ABC  is releasing a series of character mash up videos, and they're starting with Ben.  I'm sure this is what Michael Jackson had in mind when he wrote the song.  via The Wrap with a tip o'the hat to Karen.

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