Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 3/21

I've already expressed my new found love of the violet infused Aviation cocktail.  29-95 thinks I should now try the subtly vegetal flavor of chartreuse in my drinks.

Damn them, I think they're right.

Tasting the businesslike Chartreuse |

This t-shirt.  Only 100 were printed, so step lively.

Apparently, people are very passionate about EXIT signage - with good reason I suppose, since your life can depend on it.

Although I've always found this version to be less "exit" and more "scampering this way".

The Big Red Word vs. the Little Green Man via Neatorama

Bea Arthur may have left us, but her wisdom lives on.  SNUU SNUU!!

I've never ordered anything advertised in Parade magazine, but that may soon change.


via Jezebel

I stumbled upon via their makeup tutorials on YouTube.  Most of what I've seen there have been evening, almost theatrical looks, but the main site also offers beginner vids covering all the basics.

Sam and Nic are freelance makeup artists based in Norwich England.  They're down to earth and engaging, and have already sent me off on a quest for MAC's discontinued eyeglass product.

As if I needed any more encouragement to buy makeup.

image credit: pixiewoo

It was later it was after two. We found a bottle of good chartreuse. The lights were green and gold. We played Latin soul. By the time Priscilla put the Al Green on the bottle was gone.

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