Monday, November 9, 2009

#musicmonday: dj lobsterdust

On paper, a mash up of Bob Marley and Iron Maiden sounds like an unholy hot mess.

But in practice? IT RAWKS!!!

A compilation album called The Number of the Da Boots is available for free download at dj lobsterdust's website (link below). Download note: it's a rar file, so you may need to right click and save to your desk top. Then use Winrar (or for Mac) to decompress the file.

01. Celebrity Murder Party (feat. Joanne Lunan) - Sympathy for the Soul of the Beast
02. Iron Maiden vs George Michael vs The Soupdragons vs The Rolling Stones vs King Curtis

03. Lobsterdust - Marley Maiden (from Exodus to Revelations)
Iron Maiden vs Bob Marley

04. Copycat - Numb World (A Copycat Mash)
Iron Maiden vs Pet Shop Boys

05. Celebrity Murder Party - This Brutal Oilslave
Nitro Deluxe vs Iron Maiden vs Future Sound of London vs Muslim Gauze vs Brian Eno and David Byrne vs Midnight Oil

06. Wax Audio - Maiden goes to Hollywood
Frankie goes to Hollywood vs Iron Maiden

07. The Illuminoids - 30 Running Adidas
Iron Maiden vs Run DMC vs Bow Wow Wow

08. DJ Schmolli - Deja Vu Vu
Beyonce vs Iron Maiden

11. Simon Iddol - Overkill of the beast
Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden vs Kosheen

Shhhh. DJ Morgoth - Iron Maiden
DJ Morgoth (karaoke) vs Bad News

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