Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I'm a deeply indebted to @bobbyhank for alerting me to some exciting news - today is the 31st anniversary of the airing of one of the greatest achievements in teevee history. I can't believe I almost missed it!

To mark the day I'm reposting this entry from the 12/26/08 wax|wendy archives. Don't say I never gave you anything ...


When I was a kid, there were a few occasions when gifts would magically appear a few days after Christmas. One year, my mom forgot about a pair of earrings she'd gotten me. Another year, my brother really, really, really wanted a Colossal Fossil Fight. Mom couldn't find the game anywhere, and finally happened upon one, on sale, post-Christmas.

So she put it under my brother's bed, and told him she thought maybe Santa had come back with an extra present for him. Oh, the joy in our house that day! Oh, the hours of fun and entertainment we had!

The present I leave under your bed today? Yeah, it's nothing like that at all.

Behold! I give you ... The Star Wars Holiday Special ...

Under no circumstances should you try and watch this 2 hour abomination in one go. I barely made it through the list of guest stars, and that's only the first 2 1/2 minutes. Bea Arthur! Diahann Carroll! Art Carney! Harvey Korman! It's like an episode of the Love Boat up in here.


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