Friday, November 20, 2009

Honey, if we can't kill people, what's the point in being a vampire?


Gods, where is Buffy when we need her?

Winchesters? Anybody?

Keep your mitts off Boone though. Takes note, Cullens. Have some fun already. You're vampires.

tv - damon and vicki dance scene |

Seriously, you need to get out more. And I'm not talking about waiting for a summer storm to blow through so you can play baseball. Or sparkle.

Although it is acceptable to go to the pier, but only if you're on a dinner and/or recruiting run.

Modesty and the fact that my mother may be reading this preclude me from adding any The Hunger clips, but come on. Blood, sex, howler monkeys, Bauhaus, and David Bowie? Vampires were just cooler in the 80's.

And I may be Team Jacob, but don't think you're getting a pass either, dogboy. This is how you do werewolf.

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