Friday, July 3, 2009

I review it : Public Enemies

Actually, I'm going to let TortieGirl guest review it:  It felt like a cheap fabric [or a $3 dress - w|w] , and I wanted to be enveloped in velvet.  Also, just moving the camera around is not a style.

Thanks TortieGirl!  Johnny Depp is of course wonderful.  I'd take that ride with his Dillinger.

3 tommy guns out of 5.

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tortiegirl said...

Yes, w I w, it was just not that great. The actors were impersonating characters, not creating them. And there was no texture. It was two dimensional - not even the random cameos excited me. Not bad, but really not memorable. And for Johnny Depp, who is known for making memorable characters, this was a let down. He was great, the film was unmemorable. If you want to see a great gangster film, always go with Cagney. Jimmy C over Johnny D any day of the week.