Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday specials we can only dream about

In keeping with the holiday theme I started Saturday, io9 has a list of 5 Thanksgiving specials we'll sadly never see.

My personal favorite is their imagined episode of Lost:
Everyone on the island sits down for a special Thanksgiving dinner, while we flash-forward to see the Thanksgivings of everyone once they get off the island. Hurley eats turkey while talking to the ghosts of Charlie and Mr. Ecko, Kate gets frustrated because Aaron won't sit up straight at the table, Sayid and Sun just have normal days because they're not American, and Jack just drinks and feels more sorry for himself than normal because the Snoopy balloon in the Macy's parade was kind of shitty that year. The episode ends with Ben appearing in Jack's apartment, and making some snide comment about how terrible his life is and why Jack has to go back to the island. "It's time to give thanks for everything you've become, Jack," he'll smirk, and then the screen will cut to black with that thud noise they always do.
After Supernatural's amazing Christmas episode last year, here's how I see Thanksgiving going down for the Winchester brothers:
Dean is still depressed over his memories of hell and loss of his angel lover (no, the other one). Sam and Ruby decide to cheer him up with a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings. Only Sam comes home with a Thunderbird instead of a turkey and a demonic can of cranberry sauce. Comedic chaos ensues when dinner fights back. Castiel shows up with Boston Market and he and Dean share a slice of pumpkin pie.

And then they make out.
Image from io9

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