Monday, February 28, 2011

God hates hate. God loves poetry.

We will run from hate
Every adult & child shall be in thine heart
And thou shalt teach them
to read (between) the words.

You can't engage the crazy, and you can't shout down the crazy.  God Loves Poetry is a tumblr that attempts to subvert the crazy by blacking out words from The Westboro Baptist Church's daily hate-filled press releases.

We began this website to demonstrate that everyone has the ability to manipulate negativity by using just a little bit of creativity. Art, humor and love are three of the most powerful tools used to combat hate. That’s why we’re implementing these tools to turn the Westboro Baptist Church’s hatred into something both positive and enjoyable.  The idea is basic: just eliminate words to create something meaningful, potentially creating something even more momentous than the original canvas given to you.

You can join the project by submitting your own WBC poetry.  I recommend using the pre-selected press releases.  You really don't want to slog through the Church's own archive.  You might get some on you.  It's kind of like when you step in poop.  No matter how many times you run your shoe through the grass, you never really get all of it.

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