Thursday, October 14, 2010

#Supernatural 6.4: Weekend at Bobby's

Bobby discovers again some more that you should always read the fine print, especially when you're making deals with devils.

Written by Dabb and Lofflin

Directed by Jensen Ackles

When Dean picks the shots, do the actors have to shut their cake holes?

Jensen talked about his experience behind the camera at Comic Con this summer:
Q: Jensen: What was it like directing your first episode?
A: The main difference - and greatest challenge - was in the approach to the script. Normally he only has to make creative choices about his character, but as the director, he was making creative decisions about every word on every page.
He said it helped that the writers gave him a Dean-lite script, so that he was only acting 3 of the 8 shooting days, and directing the other 5. Working with Jim was great - he did all the heavy lifting- except that he never hit his marks.
It was a "cool, new, exciting" experience, but not one that he seemed too eager to tackle again. He also doesn't consider himself a director, saying instead that he was given a task and he tried to execute it to the best of his ability. It also helped that Jared wasn't there.
He didn't seem too eager to repeat the experience, but he won high praise from Jim Beaver:

"Seriously speaking, I've been doing this for 32 years and I've worked with a lot of really, really good directors and I've never felt any more secure and well guided as an actor than I have by Jensen Ackles."

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