Monday, September 20, 2010

@TubularTV Guide to 2010 Fall TV

It's that time of year again, critters. Old favorites and war horses return, and new offerings are flung howler monkey-like onto the nearest wall in hopes that something might stick.

The fall season kicks off in earnest this week, and with so many options, a little planning is in order. Therese at Tubular has once again prepared a comprehensive guide to help chart the way.

Last year I was most excited for V and Flash Forward.  Sadly, Flash Forward turned out to be a flash in the pan (see what I did there)?  V let me down when it came to the lizard baby, but I'll be back for Juliet and the inspired casting choice for Anna's mother.  Nostalgia bait - you're doing it right.  I lost track of Fringe early in Season 1, but T tells me it's the best sci-fi show on TV, so I'm going to give it a go and see if I can keep up.  I might revisit Life Unexpected if I think about it.  I enjoyed the pilot, but I quickly grew weary of Baze and Cate.  I am looking forward to the big CW cross over event though.

It looks like Monday is going to be my night for new shows.  I've heard good things about Lone Star, and it features my tee-vee girlfriend, the delightful Adrianne Palicki.  It's going head-to-head with The Event, which will either be this year's Lost ... or Flash Forward.  I'm thinking the former in real time, and the latter I'll watch online.  Naturally the trifecta of Oahu, Boomer, and the Mayor of Waikiki, Daniel Dae Kim, will have me watching the Hawaii 5-0 reboot.

Of course I am already delighted with The Vampire Diaries' second season, and am giddy with anticipation for Supernatural's return.

And as Boone as my witness, I will get TVD Season 1 recapped and caught up.

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