Thursday, September 23, 2010

#Supernatural Season 6: The Boys are Back

At last!  New season, new night, new(ish) show runner ...




This time last year I speculated - with some concern - about the possibility of a sixth season.  Where could the show possibly go after the Apocalypse, and how would it go on without Kripke?

The answer seems to be that you don't try to top yourself.  You pull back.
Well, the trick is to not go big but go intimate. We talk about returning to a stripped-down version of the show that’s almost similar to season one, in which the mythology was just as simple as finding their father and finding something that’s really personal and meaningful to Sam and Dean. 
One of the things that’s hard about the end of the world is sometimes it’s hard to have your characters emotionally connect with it, because it’s so big. But if their emotional storyline for, say, season six is to save a loved one, then that’s something you can really understand and get behind and actually have some really emotional storytelling that takes you through a lot of the scary episodes.
Add to that Monsters of the Week that are an integrated part of the myth arc, and the capable and seasoned hand of Sera Gamble, and I am ready for the ride.

Promos after the jump, but first, get up to speed on the past five seasons courtesy of YouTuber Loki.

Here be spoilers ... Trust no one!

Interestingly, Jensen seems rather cheesed that Dean has gone soft on him.


Sharon said...

Since we watched all 5 seasons this summer I've never actually seen Supernatural when it airs live. I don't think I'll like having to wait from week to week.

Whit said...

It is a challenge. The week seems so long. Stay strong!