Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Scone FAIL
I do love a good cream tea. It's just so civilized and dainty. My friend JL and I have a standing date every holiday season for tea at the TJ. In all the years that we've been sipping Earl Gray and nibbling on crustless sandwiches, I never gave much thought to the proprieties of scone preparation. But I was naive. Apparently there are two schools of thought, and Londoner Hollie Newton decided to put the matter to an expert. I think we can consider the question settled:
... we at The Ritz London would prefer to encourage the "jam then cream" option as this is the traditional method of preparing scones. In actual fact, you could even add that butter should first be applied before adding jam and cream, although this is reserved for the more indulgent tea taker.
Butter makes everything better. Clearly.

via Hollie Newton

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