Saturday, December 26, 2009

And on earth, a chance for peace

Not to mention good will for the crabs. And dirt. So much love for this vid. The animation is wonderful, and I really want to live in this little girl's head.

Give a Chance 4 Peace (8mins) from T'chaka Sikelianos on Vimeo. (via 29-95) has an interview with Portland based animator T'chaka Sikelianos where he talks about the creation of the video, from the free style imaginings of his amazing niece Aurora, to the execution and rendering of the animated elements.

Also, someone needs to please pony up some funding for the feature he's working on, "It’s kinda of a similar to Blade crossed with Buffy told in the language of Kung Fu." All kinds of YES to this.

There's something rather impressive about Miss Aurora's delivery. I picture her standing at a window, rallying the masses.


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yeah...awesome. would love to see her at jazz fest!