Friday, April 6, 2012

This tastes like burning: DIY Cadbury Eggs

Why?  Why?!?  The thought of a regular one makes my teeth hurt.  Why would someone feel the need to embiggen the horribleness so?

Pimp That Snack - The Creme de la Creme Egg via Mental Floss

Standard creme egg : Height : 2" Girth : 4" Weight : 40 g Calories : 175
Creme de la creme egg : Height : 8". Girth : 16.5". Weight : A whopping 2.25 kg!! Calories : estimated 10000!!

Do you like your creme egg of normal size, but find that the gooey fondant center isn't sweet enough for you?  Why not add a dollop of canned frosting and some sprinkles?  Seriously, why?

Cakespy: Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs | Serious Eats : Recipes

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Nicki ~ Babysteps said...

This post is very upsetting.