Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These are not the books you're looking for

Libreaction's Andy Priestner has managed to ping two of my nerd sweet spots with his thoughtful review of the Jedi Archives.  He takes issue in particular with their access policy, which could be the greatest comprehensive exam question ever written.

"Create an access policy for an archive containing all of the known information in the galaxy, held in a variety of print and digital formats, and serving a diverse user population.  Special attention should be paid to the competing needs to provide critical information while guarding against data corruption at the hands of the Dark Side.  Cite the professional literature and provide specific examples."

And while I won't go so far as to call head librarian Jocasta Nu the worst librarian in the galaxy, I will say that if your client is having trouble finding something, the answer is not"If an item doesn't appear in our records, it doesn't exist".

Jedi Librarian: Libreaction via Neatorama

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libreacttion said...

My post was worth writing if only to read your exam question!