Monday, May 24, 2010

Schrodinger's #LOST: The final chat

So, whatdya think of the finale?  The last 10 minutes felt a little Battlestar to me, but overall I was very satisfied, because it was all about the characters' journeys.  That's always been the heart of the show.  The mysteries and the time travel and the polar bears - those were just devices to tell an amazing, complex, emotional story about connection and community.

Come celebrate all of those things in the very last LOST chat over at Tubular.  1:00 pm Eastern time.   So much of the fun of LOST has been discussing and rehashing and obsessing, and I've done most of that with my fellow commenters at Tubular.  I'm going to miss my community like crazy, but I'll meet you all later at the church.

There are lots of ways LOST could have ended.  Would anyone have been any happier if Darlton had taken my brother's suggestions?
  • Lost finale prediction...Sawyer flies away on a helicopter and sees jack has spelled "goodbye" in rocks on the ground.
  • Lost finale prediction #2: Patrick Duffy walks out of the light tunnel wearing a towel and drying his hair.
  • I think it's pretty obvious that Jack is going to win the million bucks at the end.  No way any of the other survivors would vote for Locke.  He's a dick.
  • Lost finale prediction #3: Desmond wakes up and Suzanne Pleshette is next to him in the pool.
  • Lost finale prediction #4: Locke makes it to the boat but runs it aground on the no brains atoll.
  • Lost finale prediction #5: Sawyer and Juliet make out in the Ewok village while badly CGI-ed ghosts of Jack, Locke and Yoda look on approvingly.

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