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Supernatural: A Master List of Recaps

An Introduction : The Road So Far ...

Celebrating 10 Seasons : 48 Essential Episodes


3x8 A Very Supernatural Christmas : Until then, we'll have to muddle through some how.


4x1 Lazarus Rising : "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition."

4x2 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester : The Witnesses have risen, and they're plenty pissed.

4x3 In the Beginning : "No matter what you hear, or what you see, promise me you won't get out of bed."

4x4 Metamorphosis : Ruby 2: Manipulating Sam Boogaloo

4x5 Monster Movie : Oktoberfest! It's like Dean died and didn't go to Hell.

4x6 Yellow Fever : Eye of the tiger, baby.

4x7 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester : ASTRONAUT!

4x8 Wishful Thinking : Oh, Ben Edlund. You mad scamp.

4x9 I Know What You Did Last Summer : And Dean wishes there was enough brain bleach to be able to forget.

4x10 Heaven and Hell : “How I feel? This, inside me? I wish I couldn’t feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing.”

4x11 Family Remains : Meh. Every season has a weak episode or two. This is Season 4's.

4x12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag : It's not a trick, Michael. It's an illusion.

4x13 After School Special : Dean is making those polyester gym teacher shorts work.

4x14 Sex and Violence : And now Hoyt from True Blood would like you boys to beat each other to death for his pleasure.

4x15 Death Takes a Holiday : Tessa!

4x16 On the Head of a Pin : "Well, I guess I’m not the man either of our Dads wanted me to be."

4x17 It's a Terrible Life : "Are you ready to stand up, and be who you really are?”

4x18 The Monster at the End of This Book : Behold! The Prophet, Chuck.

4x19 Jump the Shark : Poor Adam.

4x20 The Rapture : It's kind of like being chained to a comet.

4x21 When the Levee Breaks : The demon blood junkie detox experience.

4x22 Lucifer Rising : "He's coming ..."


5x1 Sympathy for the Devil : Please allow Mark Pellegrino to introduce himself.

5x2 Good God, Y'All : The boys' first break-up - back when it still meant something.

5x3 Free to Be You and Me : Sam tries to take a break from The Life. The Life comes looking for him.

5x4 The End : THIGH HOLSTER!

5x5 Fallen Idols : The first Supernatural episode to be erased from my head canon. And Paris Hilton isn't even the worst part.

5x6 I Believe the Children Are Our Future : ”So, some freak is going to come in my room while I’m sleeping and take my tooth. Sounds scary. No thank you.”

5x7 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester : There'll be time enough for counting, when the dealing's done.

5x8 Changing Channels : Reduce your chances of passing it on.

5x9 The Real Ghostbusters : BUNGIE!

5x10 Abandon All Hope... : Oh, Jo. Oh, Ellen. *SOB*

5x11 Sam, Interrupted : PUDDING!

5x12 Swap Meat : More like swap this script for one that's not full of plot holes, poor characterization, and missed opportunities, amirite?

5x13 The Song Remains the Same : This is it. Team Free Will.

5x14 My Bloody Valentine : Tortiegirl is still traumatized by the cold open.

5x15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid : Sheriff Jody Mills is introduced. Zombie pie for all!

5x16 Dark Side of the Moon : *THUNK* Samulet, NOOOOOOOOOO!!

5x17 99 Problems : Dean's a vessel and his spirit’s really low. Does he look like a hero sir, I don’t know.

5x18 Point of No Return : I just didn't want to let you down.

5x19 Hammer of the Gods : Gabriel, NOOOOOOOOOO!

5x20 The Devil You Know : Lovers in league against Satan.

5x21 Two Minutes to Midnight : The finest of the horsemen is introduced. Well helloooooo, Death.

5x22 Swan Song : I let him out. I gotta put him back in.


6x1 Exile on Main St. : Sam is back and possums kill.


6x3 The Third Man : Oh heyyyyyyy, Balthazar.


6x5 Live Free or Twihard : And then Buffy staked Edward.

6x6 You Can't Handle the Truth : The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

6x7 Family Matters : Sam is a soulless man.

6x8 All Dogs Go to Heaven : What's that boy? You say Sammy's soul is down the well?

6x9 Clap Your Hands If You Believe... : Nipples?

6x10 Caged Heat : I learned that from the pizza man.

6x11 Appointment in Samarra : Dean plays Death for a day, Tessa returns, and Show remembers that Adam exists. And now we will never speak of him again.

6x12 Like a Virgin : Stop dragon my heart around.

6x13 Unforgiven : Sammy did a bad, bad thing.

6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning : This time it's personal.

6x15 The French Mistake : It's an alpaca, dumbass.

6x16 ...And Then There Were None : It's like a Khan worm on steroids.

6x17 My Heart Will Go On : Leo DiCaprio was not harmed in the filming of this episode.

6x18 Frontierland : Well, when you’ve done this job as long as I have, a giant from the future with some magic brick doesn’t exactly give you the vapors.

6x19 Mommy Dearest : You know what the Mother of All is most angry about? That now thanks to Dean she can’t get "We Built This City (On Rock and Roll)" out of her head.

6x20 The Man Who Would Be King : “Let me tell you my story. Let me tell you everything.”

6x21 Let It Bleed : Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much : KRIPKEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


7x1 Meet the New Boss : Nothing on earth is his equal— a creature without fear. Welcome to Season 7!

7x2 Hello, Cruel World : I’m sorry, are the voices in my head bothering you?

7x3 The Girl Next Door : She’s a leaf on the wind. Watch how she soars.

7x4 Defending Your Life : No one wants to do it alone.

7x5 Shut Up, Dr. Phil : Hello, salty goodness! The guest casting that caused my heart to grow effulgent.

7x6 Slash Fiction : Sam and Dean should have shotguns for this kind of deal. Shotguns that shoot borax, but still. They should have shotguns.

7x7 The Mentalists : Did you have that roommate in college who would break up with her boyfriend on Friday night only to be back together with him by lunch on Sunday? And it happened every weekend like clockwork until it just became routine and hardly even registered? Yeah. This episode is kind of like that.

7x8 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! : Nuke’s scared because his eyelids are jammed and his old man’s here. We need a live… is it a live rooster? We need a live rooster to take the curse off Jose’s glove and nobody seems to know what to get Sam or Becky for their wedding present.

7x9 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters : Bobby is fine! He and the Russian built a nice little cabin in the Pine Barrens.

7x10 Death's Door : It’s like that scene at the end of Planet of the Apes. All you can do is pound the sand and scream at the heavens because she did it. She finally really did it. SERRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!

7x11 Adventures in Babysitting : Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

7x12 Time After Time : Was it a stand alone that did little to advance the season arc? Yes. Did it feature Jensen Ackles in a custom suit and fedora? Yes. Does the later excuse any shortcomings of the former? Oh, yes. Yes it does.



7x15 Repo Man : I hold firm to my original assessment that this is the creepiest, scariest, squickiest episode that Show has done in a long time. Well played. Slow clap.

7x16 Out with the Old : You know, there’s enough dancing on the gag reels they could have given us at least one grand jete. Come on, Show. You took Bobby away. YOU COULDN’T DO THIS ONE THING FOR US?

7x17 The Born-Again Identity

7x18 Party On, Garth

7x19 Of Grave Importance

7x20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

7x21 Reading Is Fundamental

7x22 There Will Be Blood

7x23 Survival of the Fittest


8x1 We Need to Talk About Kevin : “Saving people, hunting things. The family business.” Season 8 restates the mission, Dean is Legend, and Sam’s hair looks good, girl.

8x2 What's Up, Tiger Mommy? : The task of closing the gates of Hell just got a little more complicated. To say nothing of the search for the egg salad recipe.

8x3 Heartache : Sam makes a stand for Team Cake.

8x4 Bitten : The Doctor Who Series 3 episode “Blink” did a brilliant job of telling an emotionally engaging story from an outsiders’ POV using video as a key exposition element with minimal screen time for the series leads. “Bitten” is not “Blink.”

8x5 Blood Brother : Plenty of flashback-y goodness, but all you really need to know is that vampirates is a thing.

8x6 Southern Comfort : Garth steps into Bobby’s shoes and a specter slides into Dean’s psyche.

8x7 A Little Slice of Kevin : Cas is back! Cas is back! Cas is back!

8x8 Hunteri Heroici : It’s Supernatural. What did you expect, a happy ending?

8x9 Citizen Fang : Vampires I get. Roger Workman is crazy.

8x10 Torn and Frayed : Everybody breaks up with everybody and no one is happy. So, you know – Wednesday.

8x11 LARP and the Real Girl : House Winchester raises its banners. KINGS IN THE MIDWEST! KINGS IN THE MIDWEST!

8x12 As Time Goes By : Show adds a pleasantly satisfying new layer of myth and the boys meet their Winchester grandfather. Don’t get too attached.

8x13 Everybody Hates Hitler : Time travel. Nazis. The Impala is bigger on the inside. SuperWho is a thing.

8x14 Trial and Error : The Winchesters are closing the gates of Hell. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s totally underground.

8x15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits : Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming wrote an episode that makes "Route 666" look good. Who knew such a thing was even possible?

8x16 Remember the Titans : It’s okay. After Oliver turned down the ice cream, Sam got him a mechanical owl, and that made everything better.

8x17 Goodbye Stranger : I loved this episode so mu-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-ch.

8x18 Freaks and Geeks : Krissy returns so she and Dean can be adorable together and fools that disrespect Bobby’s memory get served.

8x19 Taxi Driver : The second trial is completed and EVERYONE HUGS! ALL OF THE HUGGING!

8x20 Pac-Man Fever

8x21 The Great Escapist

8x22 Clip Show

8x23 Sacrifice


9x1 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here : The angels have fallen, Castiel is human, and Dean makes a deal for Sam. Sounds like Tuesday.

9x2 Devil May Care : Abaddon returns and a new ship sets sail.

9x3 I'm No Angel : “You can’t stay.”

9x4 Slumber Party : Pay no attention to those boys behind the curtain!

9x5 Dog Dean Afternoon : Dean gets his Doctor Doolittle on. It is a delight.

9x6 Heaven Can't Wait : Everyone is trying to get it right with their little taste of humanity.

9x7 Bad Boys : John is why Dean can’t have nice things.

9x8 Rock and a Hard Place : Jody Mills is my everything.

9x9 Holy Terror : You were too precious for this world, Kevin Tran.

9x10 Road Trip : I will gladly Vote Crowley if he can keep the Winchesters from breaking up every 5th episode.

9x11 First Born : Sam and Cas bond, Dean and Crowley have tea, and Show introduces the greatest bringer of death since Death.

9x12 Sharp Teeth : No. No, sir. You two are going to sit there on that hood until you work things out.

9x13 The Purge : The boys are the most broken that they’ve ever been. Everything is terrible and all of it hurts.

9x14 Captives : This episode. Your emotions are in danger, girl.

9x15 THINMAN : The Ghostfacers are back and I don’t hate them. Is this real life? Is this bizarro world?

9x16 Blade Runners : “Take me to my brother.” So, are we good? You boys friends again? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

9x17 Mother's Little Helper : Nothing unites a family like demons harvesting souls.

9x18 Meta Fiction : Dean in the shower, the return of the Trickster, and great Cas one liners. ALL OF THE FRUIT BASKETS FOR ROBBIE THOMPSON!

9x19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann : Jody Mills lives! Lives to awesome another day and anchor her own spin off IF THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE THE COMMON SENSE OF AN ANT.

9x20 Bloodlines : A perfectly cromulent addition to the TVD/The Originals-verse, but an SPN spin-off it was not. Let us never speak of it again.

9x21 King of the Damned : The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

9x22 Stairway to Heaven : An old friend returns, and she still has something to teach Dean about death.

9x23 Do You Believe in Miracles? : Black eyes, broken hearts can't lose.


10x1 Black : Deamon!Dean is a sun in somebody else's sky.

10x2 Reichenbach : Deanmon and Crowley's epic bromance comes to an end. How quickly the brightest flames burn out.

10x3 Soul Survivor : Oh, Deanmon. It was fun while it lasted. We'll always have karaoke.

10x4 Paper Moon : Kate the werewolf returns.

10x5 Fan Fiction : Supernatural celebrates 10 seasons and 200 episodes with a musical love letter to the fans.

10x6 Ask Jeeves : Hey, did you know there's a Supernatural edition of CLUE in stores now? SYNGERGY!

10x7 Girls, Girls, Girls : Rowena makes her presence known. BEHOLD YOUR NEXT SUPREME!

10x8 Hibbing 911 : The Sheriffs Jody and Donna Show. GIVE ME THIS SPIN OFF. GIVE IT TO ME!

10x9 The Things We Left Behind : Castiel tries to make amends to Jimmy's daughter and the Mark will have its due.

10x10 The Hunter Games : The boys turn to Metatron for help. It goes as well as you would expect.

10x11 There's No Place Like Home : Two Charlies come back from Oz. It’s kind of like what happened to Xander that one time on Buffy, only no one has to do the Snoopy dance to prove their identity

10x12 About a Boy : A witchy spell turns Dean into a teen. I’m pretty sure The CW actually developed de-aging technology, because Dylan Everett is just that good.

10x13 Halt & Catch Fire : Dean lets go of the feather. The answer is inside him.

10x14 The Executioner's Song : And then Jensen Ackles ripped my heart out, showed it to me, put it back in, patted me on the shoulder, and called it a night.

10x15 The Things They Carried : The Good: Dean keeps his humanity for one more week. The Bad: Every time Cole said Sammy or Deano. The Worst: Gemma.

10x16 Paint it Black : “There is not much difference between madness and devotion.” Official motto of the Supernatural fandom.

10x17 Inside Man : Bobby returns to pull our your heart and caress it before gently putting it back in your chest.

10x18 Book of the Damned : A book in flames, Metatron in the wind, and Cas gets his grace back. One out of three ain’t bad.

10x19 The Werther Project : The boys are forced to contend with a killer mist. Worst. Glade Plug-in. Ever.

10x20 Angel Heart : And then Claire went to live with Jody Mills. WAYWARD DAUGHTERS. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

10x21 Dark Dynasty : Charlie is walking on sunshine and nothing feels good.

10x22 The Prisoner : Well, if Charlie’s death was intended to tip Dean over the edge, mission accomplished.

10x23 Brother's Keeper : The boys break the world again, but at least they have each other.


11x1 Out of the Darkness : Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while Dean was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in his brain, still remains.

11x2 Form and Void : Two men and a little Darkness.

11x3 The Bad Seed : Jensen directs an episode written by Buckner and Ross-Leming. The phrase “making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” comes to mind.

11x4 Baby : Baby gets her moment to shine in an episode brilliantly executed by director Thomas J. Wright and DP Serge Ladouceur from a script by Robbie Thompson that’s pure heart.

11x5 Thin Lizzie : You can check in any time you like, but you may never leave.

11x6 Our Little World : Sorry, Chuck. You’re going to have to step up your sibling game.

11x7 Plush : Anya was right. There’s nothing we can’t face – except for bunnies

11x8 Just My Imagination : Sam’s imaginary friend Sully gives him the courage to face Lucifer in The Cage. STELLAR WORK, SULLY. YOU HAD ONE JOB, SULLY.

11x9 O Brother Where Are Thou? : Someday Sam will listen when Dean says not to do the thing because it’s a bad idea, but today is not that day.

11x10 The Devil in the Details : It really can’t be stressed enough – don’t make deals with devils.

11x11 Into the Mystic : ET’s mom wants to rock Dean’s gypsy soul, just like way back in the days of old.

11x12 Don't You Forget About Me : Jody lives! Claire lives! Alex lives! Just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES!

11x13 Love Hurts : Dean is honest and open with Sam. Sam is accepting and supportive. Valentine’s Day? More like a Christmas miracle!

11x14 The Vessel : Une femme de lettres envoie ses salutations.

11x15 Beyond the Mat : The kiss stealing, wheelin dealin’, Impala riding, jet flying sons of a gun Sam and Dean Winchester are having a hard time holding these alligators down!

11x16 Safe House : Sam and Dean take care of some unfinished business and we get to spend some time with Rufus and Bobby. Sigh. I miss Rufus and Bobby.

11x17 Red Meat : Sam dies. Dean tries to make a deal. What season is this again?

11x18 Hell's Angel : Sam, Dean, and Crowley band together to send Lucifer back to the Cage. What could possibly go wrong?

11x19 The Chitters

11x20 Don't Call Me Shurley : Chuck returns and a fan favorite writer says goodbye. Fare thee well.

11x21 All in the Family : A Buckner and Ross-Leming episode that wasn’t terrible! That was actually good! Truly we are in the end times.

11x22 We Happy Few : We few. We happy few. We band of buggered.

11x23 Alpha and Omega : See? SEE? This is what happens when people LISTEN TO DEAN.


12x1 Keep Calm and Carry On : Mary Winchester, Hunterborn, First of her name, Mother of Big Damn Heroes.

12x2 Mamma Mia : Rick Springfield!  Pie!  HUGGING!

12x3 The Foundry : Why can't the boys have nice things?

12x4 American Nightmare : Sweater time!

12x5 The One You've Been Waiting For : Pie!  Dean finally gets pie!  Shame about the grenades, tho.  Sure would be nice if we had some grenades, dontcha think?

12x6 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox : Jody lives!  Mary lives!  Netflix and day drinking for all!

12x7 Rock Never Dies :  Lucifer has daddy issues.  Yawn.  The song remains the same.

12x8 LOTUS : This episode explains so much about our government.

12x9 First Blood : One day these handsome dummies will learn to stop making deals.  This episode is not that day.

12x10 Lily Sundry Has Some Regrets :  Angel problems.

12x11 Regarding Dean : It really doesn't get much better than a happy Dean on a mechanical bull.

12x12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) : In which Supernatural gets its Tarantino on.

12x13 Family Feud : "I'm your mother, dear.  Who better to crush your shriveled heart?"

12x14 The Raid: The British Men of Letters need to work on their recruitment pitch.

12x15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell : Hellhounds are hell on the hardwoods.

12x16 Ladies Drink Free :  Did ... Did we just get a Wayward Daughters backdoor pilot?

12x17 The British Invasion :  This episode was worse than bad - it was boring.

12x18 The Memory Remains :  My heart, but also THAT! IS! MAHOGANY!

12x19 The Future :  One day Cas will learn and will know better.  But today is not that day.

12x20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes : Oh good, Lady Cardboard is back, said no one ever.

12x21 There's Something About Mary : I've never been so glad to have the freedom to curse as I did while writing this recap.

12x22 Who We Are :  Let me tell you why that's bullshit.

12x23 All Along the Watchtower : So that happened. Three words: Exploding space vagina.

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