Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#Supernatural 5.04: The End

This is the end, beautiful friends ...

Dean takes a trip into the future of 2012, and it's disturbing to say the least.  Although that whole bit in the middle with Castiel doesn't seem so bad.  And could we be getting a payoff from a Season 1 plot point long since thought dropped?

Steve Boym directed the episode written by Ben Edlund ... so prepare for your brain to be thoroughly turned inside out.

It hurts to set you free, But you'll never follow me.

Promo and longer clips (courtesy The Watcher) below:

Supernatural airs Thursday at 9:00 EDT on the CW.

You've turned our home into a house of lies

The premise of Food in Real Life is pretty simple. Buy frozen meal, cook frozen meal per the directions, and compare how the end result sizes up to the photo on the box. It's actually a very entertaining site thanks to descriptions like this:

Taste: Like mealy sticks of depression.

Taste: What’s a word between that falls between “edible” and “delicious”? Oh right, it’s “banquetswedishmeatballs.”

Taste: I think it tastes how “chicken flavor” is supposed to taste; much like how “blue raspberry” flavoring doesn’t taste like raspberry, but it’s a taste that is universally recognized as blue raspberry.

Taste: The “pasta” is so soft that you can chew the whole meal with just your tongue and the roof of your mouth, so add another point to the score if you’re suffering from lockjaw.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little balls of pancake goodness

Several months ago, friends introduced me to ebelskivers. Denmark, you and your pancake balls are okay with me! I became intrigued by the idea of making my own at home, and discovered it's actually pretty easy ... providing you have the proper tools.

Namely, a cast iron ebelskiver pan. I got mine from Amazon - it's a Lodge!

I returned to the interwebs to find a recipe. I settled on one from Sugarmamabakingco (link below) mainly because it allows you to substitute BEER for buttermilk. Buttermilk is not something I typically have on hand. Beer, however ...

It was a fine substitution. The dough puffed up nicely, and the beer lent a nicely savory flavor.

It's the flipping of the ebelskivers that's tricky. I got the hang of it eventually.

A little honey, a little powdered sugar, and you've got something. Something DELICIOUS!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where there is fire, there is smoke

I LURVES me some Planet of the Apes. #4 - Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is my favorite. I was just a shade too young for the animated series, otherwise I would have been all over Return to the Planet of the Apes. Sadly, it aired for only one season beginning in 1975. Now all 13 episodes are available on

If you're of a certain age, the quality of the animation will immediately take you back. Kindly described as minimalist, it's somehow both well executed and poorly produced, all at the same time.

Kick back, pour yourself a bowl of sugary cereal, and enjoy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

And then Dean and Sawyer swap stories over Dharma beers

io9 has come up with an interesting list of shows that should swap writing staffs. Dollhouse/Torchwood and Fringe/House seem like pretty good fits. Although you would be hard pressed to find a finer example of cross-over poetry than 1982's Magnum P.I. / Simon & Simon mash up.

TV Shows We Wish Would Swap Writing Staffs - Tvatemybrain - io9

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Season Two: Dollhouse Returns!

Dollhouse returns tomorrow night, YAY! For a show that was touch and go before it ever even premiered, Season 2 comes as a welcome, happy surprise.
And to kick things off, a BSG reunion!


Picking up a few months after the Season 1 finale, Echo is the new bride of a charismatic businessman (guest star Jamie Bamber), who is tied to an old FBI case that Paul was unable to close. Meanwhile, Dr. Saunders struggles with her discovery that she is a Doll and targets Topher. Written and directed by Joss Whedon.

Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has the scoop, including episode summaries and video interviews with Joss, Helo, and Eliza.

What do we have to look forward to?
The relationships inside the Dollhouse are what Whedon and his writers will be taking advantage of in Season 2 ... Though he didn't rule out doing self-contained episodes, the show would move away from an "engagement of the week" for Echo and move more toward the conspiracy-flavored character drama we saw in the last few episodes of Season 1.

"This year we're going to see the results of everything she [Echo] went through last year -- particularly the event [in the finale] with Alpha, where she was downloaded with all the personalities -- we're going to see the effect that's had on her and we're going to find her to be a great deal less passive and a great deal more directed in what she wants, and that of course is going to make her life a lot harder," Whedon noted

If that's not enough spoilery goodness for you, io9 has the inside intel on the roles Summer "River Tam / Cameron" Glau and Ray "Nobody plays the devil with as much glee as me" Wise will play.

For another take on where the show might be headed, check out my recap of Epitaph One over at Tubular.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Supernatural 5.03 : Free to be You and Me

The boys are apart - BOO! A welcome face reappears - YAY!

Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam decides to give up hunting, but a late-night visitor won't let him off the hook that easily. Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael, as Castiel believes Raphael knows God's location.

Miller Tobin directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver.

Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has an interview with Kripke and Jim Beaver, and their thoughts on this season's direction and Bobby's role in it. Spoilery, natch.

From Eric:
Well, we've had a lot of conversations in the [writers] room about how to make the Apocalypse matter, and not have it just be business as usual. [The idea is] that there have to be real stakes and real loss and real obstacles thrown in our heroes' way, because otherwise, what makes the Apocalypse different from any other season? The stakes have to be serious.

[This is] one symbolic way to say that, you know, we're not screwing around with the Apocalypse, that changes are going to happen that are going to affect our characters forever.

Whatever happens, can't say he didn't warn us.

In a separate interview, he also gives some hints about Lucifer's motivations now that he's topside:
Lucifer was sent to Hell around the time of the Garden of Eden, and "now he comes back up, and there's six billion [people], and look what they've done to the planet," Kripke said. "One of the ways we're trying to make him a little more complicated is to say, he actually finds the [original state of the] planet beautiful. He sees it as really his father's masterwork, and these hairless monkeys have just ruined the place….It was this beautiful natural garden, and we've turned it into this cesspool, and he wants everyone punished as a result.
Missed last week's episode? The recap is up at Tubular.

Supernatural airs Thursday at 9:00 EDT on the CW.

I would hang it over the fireplace in the library ... if I had either

The real thing would have set you back 10 grand, but thanks to Think Geek, the Old Man's painting of the First Cylon War can be yours for $14.99. At that price, you can get one for every room in the house.

The war was bloody and brutal. One only has to look at this beautiful lithograph of an original oil painting, commissioned by Universal Studios and hung on the wall in Admiral Adama's office, to see the truth of it. Hundreds of Colonial soldiers, in stunning detail, battle their fearsome metal automatons in a fierce ground war.

This painting was painstakingly scanned in archival resolution, and reproduced on 22" by 17" 100-pound art-quality paper. Any Battlestar Galactica fan, new and old, can appreciate this fine piece of sci-fi artwork!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These are the t-shirts you're looking for

Tshirt blog Hide Your Arms has compiled an impressive list of Star Wars themed shirts and hoodies for your sartorial edification. Order them all, and you could go nearly a whole year with your geek flag proudly waving.

Toon Tuesday: I Just Love My Shiny Red Shoes

Well, yeah.  Who doesn't?

Tip o'the hat to Miss B!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Chronicles of Riddick - the waiting, it burns ...

Sadly, there's not much really newsworthy in this update from the homeworld, but it's good to know that David Twohy and Vin Diesel are still trying to make another Riddick movie happen. Even better, they seem to be leaning toward something that's more in the spirit of Pitch Black.

So make with the movie making already! Chop chop.

The Next Riddick Movie Aims For R-Rated Gold - Riddick - io9

Friday, September 18, 2009

All good things must come to an end: Guiding Light

Today is the day ... Guiding Light airs its final episode after a 72 year run. le sigh. Slide on over to Tubular, and my write up on the Paley Center's panel, We'll Always Have Springfield.

credit: The Paley Center

The Paley Center also has two clips up at their site from the evening. Two words: Reginald and Stevie. That's all I'm saying. Check 'em out.

I just can't say this enough:
I cannot say enough good things about the actors. They stayed for nearly two hours, and were to a one, unflagging in their energy and unfailing in their kindness. They gave each fan their full attention, allowed as much time as needed, signed autographs, and smiled for a million photos. And you have to understand what the scene was like - it was a full on rugby scrum. Grant Aleksander was literally backed into a corner, people 3 and 4 deep around him, but he had a smile and hug for everybody (two for my Mom, much to her delight). My mom, who is a wee little thing, had moments of being overwhelmed by the crowd, and we could at least escape when we needed to. Get some air, grab a drink at the bar or one of the delightful tuna h'orderves that were circling around. They couldn't. Nonetheless, every single actor who was there was incredibly gracious and generous with their time. So for my mom - who got autographs from, and a moment with, everybody - thank you. Thank you to the Paley Center, Ellen Wheeler, Jill, Grant, Bradley, Elizabeth, Michael, Kim, Ellen Dolan, Tina, Maeve, Kurt, Gina, Orlagh, and Frank. As James Lipton would say - it was a delight.

Philip Spaulding is my new dad

Every fan for herself!

Previously on wax|wendy: First thoughts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Supernatural 5.02 : Good God Y'all

It's Apocalypse, Now as the boys take on a town under a demonic spell and old friends reappear. Yay Rufus! Johnnie Walker Blue for all!

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer.

Bobby's old hunter friend, Rufus, is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help.

Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another.

Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.

Sera wrote it? Oh, somebody's dying tonight. It was nice knowing you, Rufus.

Promo and clips ahoy! And my recap for "Sympathy for the Devil" is up over at Tubular.

Beware, here be spoilers.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#Supernatural Season 5: Your countdown catchup.

Ooh, it's been a long summer of anticipation, but Supernatural finally RETURNS!! tomorrow night!  If you can't wait that long, Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has a sneak peak and 3 clips from the season premier "Sympathy for the Devil".

If you're new to the show or need a refresher, Season 4 is out on DVD now, or you check out my recaps over at Tubular.  

Of course if you're pressed for time, these clips will get you up to speed in under 1 minute.

Movies you need to see right now: 9

I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this film for months.  I know what I'll be doing tonight ... okay, I'll be writing the final Season 4 Supernatural recap for Tubular, but still.

No reason you can't run, don't walk, to see it.  

9 is the story of little straw men fighting mechanical monsters in a post apocalyptic world.
When 9 (Elijah Wood) first comes to life, he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world. All humans are gone, and it is only by chance that he discovers a small community of others like him taking refuge from fearsome machines that roam the earth intent on their extinction. Despite being the neophyte of the group, 9 convinces the others that hiding will do them no good. They must take the offensive if they are to survive, and they must discover why the machines want to destroy them in the first place. As they’ll soon come to learn, the very future of civilization may depend on them.
Produced by Tim Burton, this movie looks seriously awesome.

This is the original 11-minute short, written and directed by Shane Acker.

via io9

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#Supernatural Season 5: Apocalinks now!

There's been a ton of coverage the last few weeks about Supernatural's upcoming season, which is fantastic. I'm all for the show finally getting a little love. Season 4 definitely took the show in a different direction, but it was a hell of a ride, and I can't wait to see where Kripke and Co. take us this year.

Here's a round up of recent articles and links to keep you busy until Thursday's season premiere.  Unless noted, assume they're spoilery in some fashion:
  • Eric Kripke talks to EW about the possibility of a 6th season.
  • Then he talks to the New York Post about tying up the Heaven and Hell storyline.
  • I LURVE the 'O Death' promo, and immediately scoured the interwebs for info on the singer, Jen Titus.  I came up dry, and now I know why.  She's not a professional singer - she's a CW on-air promotions executive.  That's right - she's a suit!  This article explains how it all happened.
  • Matt Roush at TV Guide drinks the kool-aid and jumps on board the Hell Wagon.
  • For a complete round up of articles from various sources, check out Super-wiki's Season 5 interviews.  They're helpfully broken down by spoilery and non.
From the EW interview:   
    "I did set out [to] tell a five-season storyline,” [Kripke] maintains. “Quite frankly, I never expected [the show] to make it to five years. But now that we’re in our fifth year, I have every intention of ending the story with a bang and not drawing it out or watering it down.”

    "That having been said,” Kripke continues, “I’m looking at this season as the last chapter in this particular story. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a new story. Buffy did it. The X-Files did it. You close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one."

I'm not going to lie - invoking Buffy makes me a little nervous.  Now,  Buffy and the Scoobies did face a new apocalypse every year.  I think by Season 3 they were even joking about it - didn't they just save the world?  They have to do it again?  The stories made sense though, because it was a new and different evil every time, serving as a back drop for what the characters were experiencing as individuals.  Supernatural could certainly do that; however, where do you go, and who do you fight after you've gone toe-to-toe with Heaven and Hell?  I would worry that any other big bad would be a let down.  

I feel like they would be forced to step far outside of Christian theology and mythology in order to make it work ... but where?  The Mayans believed the world is going to end in 2012, but how does that fit with the whole midwestern/blue collar ethos of the show?  I vote they take on the Norse gods and Ragnorok.  They've already established the Trickster as a character.  I could totally see Dean hanging out with Thor.

The biggest element for me - and what concerns me most about comparisons to Buffy - is Kripke's continued direct involvement in the show.  There's a wonderful, talented, seasoned core of writers, producers, and directors working on Supernatural ... but it's Eric Kripke's baby.  It's his vision.   Seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy completely went off the rails for me, and I think it's because Joss was no longer day to day.   His attentions were focused on Firefly, and I think Buffy suffered for it.

The best case scenario for Season 6 is if they have stories that everyone involved - Kripke especially - is excited to tell.  In that case, bring it on!

Exclusive: 'Supernatural' to 'end with a bang' in 2010 (but there's a catch) | Ausiello |

New York Post: Supernatural - A 'natural' death

'Death' Becomes CW Promo Maven | The Wrap

TV Guide Magazine | The Daily Review | My Supernatural Summer

Innsmouth Free Press: Supernatural Week

Season 5 Interviews - Super-wiki

Toon Tuesday: LIttle Red Riding Rabbit

... TO HAVE!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guide to 2009 Fall TV: @TubularTV has you covered

It's Labor Day, friends. While summer may be drawing to a close, the TV networks* are preparing to offer up their fall slate of programming.

Welcoming a new show into your personal lineup can be a big commitment.  Fortunately, Therese at Tubular has prepared a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your options.

I'm completely in the bag for V - nostalgia, Juliet from Lost, and Inara from Firefly - and Flash Forward - this season's hoped for Lost redux.

I'm also going to give Glee a try after catching the repeat of the pilot this weekend.  However, you're on notice Fox.  Pop up Video called.  They want their concept back.  Knock it off with the onscreen Twitter feed.  It's annoying and distracting and Glee is so much better than that.  How about you just let a show stand on its own for once and breath a little?  Hmm?  Sweetie?

I'm perplexed by the existence of two new medical dramas on NBC - Mercy and Trauma.  I enjoyed those shows the first time they aired, when they were called ER and First Watch.  

Do be sure to join me over at Tubular once the season gets into full swing.  I'll be recapping Supernatural and Dollhouse again, as well as The Vampire Diaries.  Sparkle Boone!

Choose well grasshoppers ...

* Sorry international readers, you're on your own.  Stay alive!  TV will find you!

photo credit (above): Flickr (A3R) angelrravelor (A3R)

And you know this scene never, ever gets old.  This is half of the reason I'm even watching the new V.  OMG!  TWINS!

Friday, September 4, 2009

British Friday, observed

Kevin "Steamy Keamy" Durand isn't British, but the angel he plays in the ohmygodicantwait movie Legion is.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#Supernatural Season 5: One Week To Go!

Can you stand it?  Here's a little light reading to help you pass the time ...

moodymuse19 has put together a list of Top 19 Moments in Supernatural.  In some cases it's scenes, and in others whole episodes (because really, how do you pick just one from "In My Time of Dying").  It's a fun overview of the last 4 seasons.

Mo Ryan at the Watcher conducted a lengthy interview with Eric Kripke at Comic Con.  You can read the full transcript here.  Or, if you're a spoilerphobe like me, enjoy a despoilered version courtesy of the awesome missyjack.

From Mo's interview, here's what Kripke has to say about how the show has evolved since Season 1, and what we can expect in Season 5:

When we started out, we were going to make a horror movie every week. It was about the monsters, and it was about Hook Man and Bloody Mary and the urban legends and the boys honestly, in the beginning, Sam and Dean were an engine to get us in and out of different horror movies every week.

[Now] for me, the story is about, 'Can the strength of family overcome destiny and fate, and can family save the world?

If I had a worldview, and I don't know if I do, but if I did, it's one that's intensely humanistic. [That worldview] is that the only thing that matters is family and personal connection, and that's the only thing that gives life meaning. Religion and gods and beliefs -- for me, it all comes down to your brother.  And your brother might be the brother in your family, or it might be the guy next to you in the foxhole -- it's about human connections.  

What you'll find as the mythology of [Season 5] unveils, it's this massive, Byzantine mythology of angels and demons and what they want and their destinies for the world.  But it's basically about two red-blooded, human brothers giving them all the middle finger and saying, basically, "Screw you; it's our planet. If you want to have a war, pick another one."
That's what I'm talking about!